“Papeles Mojados” by Chambao, English translation

“Wet Papers”
AlbumCon Otro Aire (With Another Air), 2007
Style: Romani-influenced Spanish music
Country: Spain
Listen: YouTube


Miles de sombras cada noche trae la marea.
Navegan cargaos de ilusiones que en la orilla se quedan.
 [*ilusiones = dreams, hopes, lit. illusions]
Historias del día día, historias de buena gente.
Se juegan la vida cansaos, con hambre y un frío que pela.

Every night, the tide brings in thousands of shadows.
They navigate laden with dreams left at the shore.
Stories of the day, the real day, histories of good people.
They gamble their lives fatigued, with hunger and a cold that hurts.

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“Tú y Yo” by Thalía, English translation of lyrics

“You and Me” Lyrics
Album: Thalía, 2002
Style: Pop, kind of techno
Country: Mexico
Listen: YouTube


Sigue esa voz que escuchas,
Que viene desde adentro.
No es normal sentir
Todo lo que yo siento.

Follow that voice that you hear,
That comes from deep inside you.
It is not normal to feel
Everything that I feel.

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“La Llave De Mi Corazón” by Juan Luis Guerra, complete English translation of bilingual version

“The Key to My Heart”
Album: La Llave De Mi Corazon (The Key to My Heart), 2007
Style: Bilingual version of a merengue/pop hit.
About: The album won six Latin Grammy Awards in 2007, including “Album of the Year,” and this song won “Song of the Year.” The album also won “Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album”. Some of the English is in italics because it’s part of the original song and not a translation. I tried not to repeat English parts too much.
Country: Dominican Republic
Listen: YouTube


Spoken introduction:

Buenas noches damas y caballeros*
Demos la bienvenida a
Juan Luis Guerra Y Cuatro Cuarenta

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Let’s give a (warm) welcome to
Juan Luis Guerra And Cuatro Cuarenta*


Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yo escuchaba el otro día
Una emisora radial
Un siquiatra, Doctor Luis
Daba consejo matrimonial

I was listening the other day (to)
A radio transmission*
A psychiatrist, Doctor Luis
Was giving marriage advice

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