“En La Obscuridad” by Belinda, English translation of lyrics

“In the Darkness” Lyrics
Album: Catarsis (Catharsis), 2013
Style: Club, techno
Country: Spain (born), Mexico (raised)
Listen: YouTube, Amazon. Tomorrow is the winter solstice, so here is a club song that mentions being in darkness a lot. The song is about addiction to love, superficially, but also about addiction to drugs. People walk on walls in the music video, and the police come in the end. Don’t mess up your biochemistry, people. The song is energetic, though.

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“No Pidas Perdón” by Mala Rodríguez, English translation of lyrics

“Don’t Ask Forgiveness”
AlbumDirty Bailarina (Dirty Ballerina), 2010
Style: Hip hop, with a spoken word vibe
Country: Spain
Listen: YouTube


I was listening to an NPR short about Mala Rodriguez and they mentioned that she calls herself “Mala” (Bad) Rodriguez because her aunt would always scold her and call her a bad kid. That’s so sad, a little cute maybe, and also a great story. Mala Rodriguez has been gaining acclaim these past few years for her distinctive rap/hip hop style and her poetic lyrics. She collaborated with Julieta Venegas on the MTV Unplugged version of Julieta’s “Eres Para Mi.”

Two lines in this song’s transcription are a little iffy, so check back for edits in a few months. The song has been on my list since the NPR short in 2011, so it makes more sense to just post it as is and wait for comments. It’s a great song. Listen to it at YouTube here.


Sa’ [sabe]
Lo peor ya ha pasa’o [pasado].
Dime, ¿de qué sirve seguir doblega’o [doblegado].

You know
The worst has already passed.
Tell me, what use is it to keep bowing down (in defeat)?

Vamos a buscar algo de retención,
Salvemos almas de la extinción.
Entre el polvo y la arena en estado latente
Como un sueño recurrente,
Mala semilla, bella durmiente.

Let us go search for a kind of permanence,
Let us save souls from extinction.
Between dust and sand in a latent state
Like a recurring dream,
Bad seed, sleeping beauty.

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“Como un Fantasma” by Chenoa, English translation

“Like a Ghost” Lyrics, 2011
Style: Pop/rock, techno-inspired, about a love that haunts you
Countries: Argentina (born), Spain (raised)
Listen at YouTube. When you break up with someone, it can be hard to forget them. They linger in your mind… like a ghost. For more techno-influenced pop about moving on, see “Mi Mundo Sin Ti” by Soraya.


Decido no extrañarte,
Vestirme y levantarme,
Quiero escaparme de tu sombra.

I decide not to miss you,
To dress myself and get up,
I want to escape your shadow.

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“La Niña Que Llora En Tus Fiestas” by La Oreja de Van Gogh, English translation of lyrics

“The Girl Who Cries at Your Parties”, 2011 single
Style: Pop with a beat, energetic, techno influence. This energetic pop song is about a girl so in love (really obsessed) that it hurts her to be away from the object of her affections.
Country: Spain
Listen: YouTube


Y los cuarenta principales, del cuarenta al uno…
And the top 40, from 40 to 1…

Vuela un columpio vació sobre mi cabeza,
Vuela por el cementerio de mi voluntad.
Sigo buscando la niña que llora en tus fiestas.
Suenan campanas en flor por mi funeral.

The empty swing flies over my head,
It flies over the cemetery of my willpower.
I keep looking for the girl who cries at your parties.
Ringing bell flowers sprout all over my funeral.

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“Tarde De Domingo Rara” by Amaral, English translation of lyrics

“Rare Sunday Afternoon” Lyrics
Album: La Barrera Del Sonido (The Sound Barrier), 2009
Style: Pop/rock, energetic, sounds cheerful, song about spending a weekend with a crush.
Country: Spain
Listen: YouTube, Amazon


Domingo por la tarde
Me vienes a buscar
Y vamos a perder el tiempo un rato.

Sunday (by the) afternoon
You come to look for me
And we go to waste some time.

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“Absurda Cenicienta” by Chenoa, English translation of lyrics

“Absurd Cinderella” Lyrics
Album: Absurda Cenicienta, 2007
Style: Pop, about discovered betrayal.
Countries: Spain, Argentina
Listen: YouTube, Amazon


En un bar de mi barrio que no quiero recordar,
Vi a mi novio besando a mi amiga.
El dolor de saborear veneno tan letal,
Perder tiempo en dos seres que quería.

In a bar of my neighborhood that I do not want to remember,
I saw my boyfriend kissing my friend.
The pain of tasting poison so lethal,
To waste time on two beings that I loved.

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“En Mi Lado Del Sofá” by La Oreja de Van Gogh, English translation of lyrics

“On My Side of the Sofa” Lyrics
Album: Guapa (Good Looking), 2006
Style: Pop/rock song about devoted love, except it goes slightly too far and sounds like a stalker song. I find it funny. She says she will wait for him in the shadows!
Country: Spain
Listen: YouTube, Amazon

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“Historia de un Sueño” by La Oreja de Van Gogh

“Story of a Dream” Lyrics
Album: Lo Que Te Conte Mientras Te Hacias La Dormida (What I Told You When You Pretended to Sleep), 2003
Style: Love after death theme with a children’s song feel. This song makes me tear up a bit. It’s so bittersweet. ♥
Country: Spain
Listen: YouTube


Perdona que entré sin llamar.
No es esta la hora y menos el lugar.
Tenía que contarte que en el cielo no se está tan mal.

Forgive me for entering without warning.
This isn’t the time and even less the place.
I had to tell you that it isn’t so bad up in heaven.

Mañana ni te acordarás,
“Tan sólo fue un sueño,” te repetirás.
Y en forma de respuesta, pasará una estrella fugaz.

Tomorrow you won’t even remember,
“It was only a dream,” you will repeat to yourself.
And in (form of an) answer, a shooting star will pass.

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“El Libro” by La Oreja de Van Gogh, English translation

“The Book” Lyrics
Album: Dile al Sol (Tell the Sun)
Style: Jazzy
Country: Spain
Listen at YouTube


Qué distinto parece el mundo al girar,
Si sonríes sentada en cualquier bar,
Conversando sobre la eternidad.

How different the world looks as it spins,
If you smile sitting in any bar,
Speaking about eternity.

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