“Kitipun” by Juan Luis Guerra, English translation of lyrics

“Kitipun” Lyrics
Album: Literal (Literal), 2019
Style: Bachata, salsa, tropical love song.
Country: Dominical Republic
Listen: YouTube, Amazon. This song won “Best Tropical Song” and was nominated for Song of the Year in the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards.


Mi cuenta de ahorros, mi pasta dental,
Mi guitarra Fender y mi celular.
Mi libro de sushi comprado en Perú,
Mi bata de baño y mi champú. (¡Oh!)

My checking account, my toothpaste,
My Fender guitar and my cell phone.
My book about sushi bought in Peru,
My bathrobe and my shampoo. (Oh!)

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“Destino” by Juanes, English translation

“Destiny” Lyrics
AlbumFíjate Bien (Pay Attention), 2000
Style: Pop/rock
Country: Colombia
Listen: YouTube. This album won “Best Rock Solo Vocal Album” and “Best New Artist” at the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards.


Estoy buscando una forma de ver
Detrás de los espejos del alma,
Más adentro donde está la luz
Que quema, pero que no mata.

I am searching for a way of seeing
Behind the mirrors of the soul,
Deeper inside where there’s the light
That burns, but does not kill.

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