“Algo Con Sentido” by Calle 13 feat. PG-13, English translation

“Something With Meaning” Lyrics
AlbumResidente o Visitante (Resident or Visitor), 2007
Style: Hilarious but explicit rap song, slow tempo, increasingly disturbing lyrics
Country: Puerto Rico
Listen: YouTube. This song is hilarious because of its disturbing build-up and then the abrupt end after the first end. Residente Calle 13’s voice acting in this song is great.

***Warning: Explicit language, graphic descriptions of violence.***


La gente está jugando con mi mente
Y ando con la mirada borracha.
Mi cabeza está pensando en remolacha,
Por eso no tiene sentido esta guaracha.

People are playing with my head
And I walk around with a drunk look.
My head is thinking about beets;
That’s why this song makes no sense.

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