“Combatiente” by Maná, English translation of lyrics

“Combatant” Lyrics
Album: Amar es Combatir (To Love is To Battle), 2006
Style: Latin rock
Country: Mexico
Listen: YouTube


Desde crió, me conducían el soñar.
Toda era imposición.
Desde niño, controlaban lo que iba a pensar.
Mataban la ilusión

Since I was a child, they directed my dreaming.
Everything was an imposition.
Since I was a child, they controlled what I would think.
They killed (my) hopes.

Lo que no mata me fortalece hoy.
Ser combatiente,
Me fortalece hoy, por hoy, por hoy.

What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger today.
To be a fighter,
It makes me stronger today, for today, for today.

Y nunca quise ser igual.
Nunca me latió ser del rebaño.
Pensar tan diferente hoy,
Hoy me tiene vivo combatiente

And I never wanted to be the same.
It never stirred me to be part of the herd.
To think so differently today,
Today it keeps me alive and fighting.

Soy combatiente,
Nadie me va a parar.
Soy combatiente,
Nada me va a parar

I am a fighter,
Nobody will stop me.
I am a fighter,
Nothing will stop me.

Soy combatiente,
Sobreviviente yo.
Lo que no me mató
Me fortaleció

I am a fighter,
A survivor, me.
What didn’t kill me
Made me stronger.

Somos en serie fabricados.
Como unos clones programados.
Siempre imponiendo que pensar,
Que joder, que amar, que pisotear

We are manufactured in assembly.
Like some programmed clones.
Always imposing (on us) what to think,
What to care about, what to love, what to stomp on.


Su misión es lo que nos mata.
La imposición, lo que nos va a matar.
Mejor es respetar,
Al prójimo amar,
Y ser un combatiente

Their mission is what kills us.
The imposition, what will kill us.
Better to respect,
Our neighbor love,
And be a fighter.

[Chorus x2]

Translation Notes:

This translation was originally posted June 28, 2008 at LiveJournal, but I edited it a lot when I reposted to WordPress. I misheard some lyrics and back then the lyrics websites had them wrong also. The lyrics and translation are now corrected. Also: I’m just going to write “Mana” without the accent here so WordPress search can find this song translation.

combatir [verb] = to combat, to fight
combatiente [noun/adj] = combatant

sobrevivir [verb] = to survive
sobreviviente [noun] = survivor

que joder = what to give a f*ck about, though it doesn’t have to sound as strong in Spanish

pisar = to step on
pisotear = to step over/around/on; trample
que pisotear = what to stomp on, what to step all over