“Asteroide” by Zoé, English translation

“Asteroid” Lyrics
AlbumZoé (Zoe), 2008
Style: Rock song using an asteroid metaphor for a relationship
Country: Mexico
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Déjate ver,
Estuvo chido poder besar (*)
Tu estereocuerpo lunar,
Tus ojos brillan más cada vez.

Let yourself be seen,
It was nice being able to kiss (*)
Your stereobody beauty spot,
Your eyes shine more very time.

Y viajas sobre un asteroide,
Clavando tus espinas contra el órbital
De un planeta helado.
Y viajas sobre un asteroide,
Espérame, quiero borrar mi rastro.

And you travel over an asteroid,
Sinking your thorns against the orbital
Of a frozen planet.
And you travel over an asteroid,
Wait for me, I want to erase my traces.

Asteroide, asteroide. (x2)

Asteroid, asteroid. (x2)

Quiero volver,
Estuvo chido hacer el amor
En el asiento de atras,
Alucinando más cada vez.

I want to return,
It was nice making love
In the back seat,
Hallucinating more every time.


Pensé en decirte tanto,
Pero no pude articular,
La nave se destroza lentamente.
Asteroide, asteroide.

I thought of saying so much to you,
But I could not articulate it,
The ship destroys itself slowly.
Asteroid, asteroid.

Asteroide, asteroide.

Asteroid, asteroid.

Translation Notes:

Estuvo chido poder besar
It was nice being able to kiss

chido is Mexican slang.

Here’s the explanation from Spanish Wikipedia (with my translation):

  • Chido (en ocasiones chilo) es un término mexicano, incluido en el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, utilizado como adjetivo para calificar algo como bonito, lindo o agradable (“Qué chido vestido traes”).

Chido (ocasionally chilo) is a Mexican term included in the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary, used like an adjective to qualify something as pretty, nice or agreeable (“what a chido dress you have”).

  • Coloquialmente, tiene otros significados, en particular fino, de buena calidad (“tu reloj es de los chidos”). Referido a una persona significa amistoso, amable, amigable (“Juan es bien chido”). También se usa para decir “estoy de acuerdo”, para afirmar (“¿Vamos a cenar tacos?” “Chido”).

Colloquially, it has other meanings such as fine, of good quality (“your watch is the chidos“). Referred to a person it means amicable, pleasant, friendly (“Juan is really chido). It is also used to say, “I agree,” to affirm (“Are we going to dine on tacos?” “Chido“).

Tu estereocuerpo lunar
Your stereobody beauty spot

If estereocuerpo is a real word, someone tell me. It is not in dictionaries and I don’t see it being used as slang on the internet. I believe it was made up, so I just translated it straight from its components.

Clavando tus espinas contra el órbital
Sinking your thorns against the orbital

clavar = to sink in; to nail

clavo [m. noun] = nail (also: the spice, cloves, because dried cloves look like nails)

Y viajas sobre un asteroide
And you travel over an asteroid,
And you travel on an asteroid [*alternative]