“El Farol” by La Santa Cecilia, English translation of lyrics

“The Lighthouse” Lyrics
AlbumNoche y Citas (Night, and Dates), 2010
Style: Ballad with accordion music in the background. This is a song about someone who fell in love hard and is melancholy about it. It sounds like unrequited love. Pobrecita.
Country: United States (Los Angeles, CA)
Listen: YouTube

Unrelated, I saw the recently released Cesar Chavez movie last weekend. It was good! I worry sometimes that movies about famous civil rights people will be too serious, but this movie had many light and funny moments, too. Go watch it.


¿Cómo logro provocar
El rocío de una flor?
¿Cómo logro dominar
El amor?

How do I manage to provoke
The dew of a flower?
How do I manage to dominate

Hay amor
Que conduce el rumbo,
Que toma el ave al volar.
¿Quién decide cuando,
Cuando la flor brotará?

There is love
Which sets the course,
Which overtakes flying birds.
Who decides when,
When the flower will bloom?

Iba yo por el camino,
El cielo era tan azul,
El sol por entre las nubes,
Todo tan tranquilo,
Hasta que llegaste tú.

I… I walked on the path,
The sky was so blue,
The sun between the clouds,
Everything so calm,
Until you arrived.

¿Que cómo logro provocar
El rocío de una flor?
¿Que cómo logro dominar, ay, el amor?
Ay amor…

For how do I manage to provoke
The dew of a flower?
For how do I manage to dominate, oh, love?
Oh, love…

[Chorus: “Iba yo por el camino…“]

Ay, hasta que llegaste tú…

Oh, until you arrived…

Deambulando por las calles,
Buscando entre callejones
Con el alma tan perdida,
Como la mujer bajo el farol,
Como el ave sin direccion.

Wandering through the streets,
Searching through alleys
With your soul so lost,
Like the woman below the lighthouse,
Like the bird without direction.

Desde aquel maldito día,
Desde aquel bendito día,
En que te cruzaste tú.

Since that damn day,
Since that blessed day,
During which you crossed (my path).

Y ahora vivo obsesionando (x2)
En tratar de coincidir
Tus amores con los míos. (x2)

And now I live obsessing, (x2)
Trying to synchronize
Your loves with mine. (x2)

Ay, tus amores con los míos…

Oh, your loves with mine…

Translation Notes:

This was hard to find transcribed online, so I want to give credit. I copied the transcription from the Google cache of a page from SonicBids which seems to be offline now.

I edited the transcription slightly, but really not much.

Hay amor / There is love
Que conduce el rumbo, / Which sets the course,
Que toma el ave al volar. / Which overtakes flying birds.

On the final edits, I decided to changed ay amor (oh love) to hay amor (there is love) because it works better with the next lines. However, music is primarily vocal, not written, and it works as both ay and hay simultaneously.

The third line can also be translated as:

Which takes the bird from flight.
Which takes the bird as it flies. [*lit.]

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