“La Contestación” by Los Lonely Boys, English translation

“The Answer” by Los Lonely Boys, English Translation of Spanish Version
Album: Los Lonely Boys, Track #12
Style: Rock
Country: USA (Texas)
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¿A poco no está
Duro pa’ ti?
¿Pa’ que sigues así
Si aquí estoy yo?

Isn’t it
Hard for you?
Why do you continue like this
If I’m here?

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“Los Lonely Boys” 2004 Album Translation

Los Lonely Boy’s self-titled album is English with Spanish. The songs are pretty short, so I’m just going to translate all the Spanish parts in bilingual songs in one post. 

TRACK #1: “Señorita” 

You’re my little señorita, y tú eres la más bonita  

You’re my little señorita, and you are the most beautiful

Señorita = affectionate diminutive of señora (lady, Mrs., Madam); Miss, Mademoiselle 

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