“Cuando Ya No Me Quieras” by Julio Jaramillo, English translation of lyrics

“When You No Longer Love Me” Lyrics
Album: Julio Jaramillo, 1966
Style: Pasillo about being in love and seeing the end of the relationship in sight, and being determined to take it well when it does finally end. Since this is a famous old song, there are several renditions from all over Latin America. It is a good song for accent study.
Country: Ecuador
Listen: YouTube, Amazon, and scroll down for other renditions.

Translation Notes:

Cuando ya no me quieras,
No me finjas cariño,
No me tengas piedad,
Compasión ni temor.

When you no longer love me,
Do not fake me tenderness,
Do not have mercy on me,
(Nor) compassion nor fear.

Si me diste tu olvido
No te culpo ni riño,
Ni te doy el disgusto
De mirar mi dolor.

If you gave me your oblivion
I neither fault you nor argue,
Nor do I give you the displeasure
Of seeing my pain.

Partiré canturreando
Mi poema más triste.
Cantaré a todo el mundo
Lo que tú me quisiste.

I will take off humming
My saddest poem.
I will sing to the whole world
How much you loved me.

Y cuando nadie escuche
Mis canciones ya viejas,
Detendré mi camino
En un pueblo lejano
Y allí moriré

And when no one listens
(To) my songs already grown old,
I will stop my path
In a distant village
And there I will die.

Sé que ya no me quieres.
Me lo han dicho tus ojos.
Partiré por las rutas
Que no tienen final.

I know that you no longer love me.
Your eyes have told me so.
I will take off by the paths
That do no have an end.

Vagaré siempre, siempre.
Partiré sin enojos
Y mis labios sin besos
Cantarán un madrigal.

I will roam always, always.
I will take off without anger
And my lips without kisses
Will sing a madrigal.

[Repeat from coda]

Translation Notes:

Si me diste tu olvido

If you gave me your oblivion

olvidar [verb] = to forget
tu olvido = [literally] your forget

Partiré canturreando

I will take off humming

Related words:
cantar [verb] = to sing

murmurar [verb] = to murmur

To canturrear means to sing softly or hum.

Y cuando nadie escuche

And when no one listens
And when people no longer listen [alt.]

Partiré sin enojos

I will take off without anger
I will take off without grudges/grumpiness/fits of anger [literal.]

Other renditions:

Orlando Contreras, Cuban singer

Tito Rodriguez, Puerto Rican singer

Angeles Ochoa, Mexican singer

Alejandro Fernandez, Mexican singer

Pablo Montero, Mexican singer – his version is based on this song but has extended lyrics. I might go back to translate these later.


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