“Cuidado” by José José; La Santa Cecilia; English translation of lyrics

“Careful” Lyrics
AlbumsCuidado (1969); Someday New (2014)
Style: Soulful alternative rock, ballad-like, with bass and acoustic instruments, including accordion.
Countries: United States (Los Angeles, CA); Mexico


The song by José José is directed to a lover who is doing things that will lead to a breakup. You can listen to the original version by José José (1969) or La Santa Cecilia’s cover (2014) at YouTube. I love the way lead singer Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez harmonizes the warnings in the lyrics until the words vibrate.

José José:

La Santa Cecilia:

Today is the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month, but Day of the Dead is coming up on November 1-2. I recommend listening to La Santa Cecilia’s lively “La Negra” (YouTube and translation). I’m also curious about the upcoming animated movie, The Book of Life premiering October 17.

Translation (following La Santa Cecilia’s version):

Mucho cuidado,
Que estás tomando por un rumbo equivocado.

Be very careful,
Because you are going down a wrong road.

Con tus mentiras
Que yo las puedo adivinar cuando me miras.

With your lies
Because I can figure them out when you look at me.


Mucho cuidado,
Que estoy de vuelta cuando tú ni has comenzado.

Be very careful,
Because I’m on my way back when you haven’t even started.

No estoy tan ciega
Para dejarte continuar con este juego.

I am not so blind
So as to let you continue this game.

Cuando me tengas que dejar a un lado,
Piensa que el mundo seguirá girando,
Que una vez acabaras llorando.

When you need to cast me off to the side,
Consider that the world will keep spinning,
That someday you will end up in tears.

Porque a tu vida me tendras ligada,
Porque en tu mente yo estaré presente,
Porque al volver, inclinaras la frente.

Because you will have me tied to your life,
Because I will be present in your thoughts,
Because when you return, you will bow your head.

[Repeat from coda]

Translation Notes:

No estoy tan ciega / Para dejarte continuar con este juego.
I am not so blind / So as to let you continue this game.
I am not blind enoughTo let you continue with this game. [*alt.]

no tan + [adjective] + para + [description of action]
I am not so [adjective] so as to __________.
I am not [adjective] enough to ___________.

Porque al volver, inclinaras la frente.
Because when you return, you will bow your head.
Because on returning, you will incline your forehead. [*lit.]

“Jose Jose” – without accents so WordPress search finds this song translation

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