“Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad” by Maná, English translation of lyrics

“Justice, Land and Liberty” Song Translation
Album: Revolución de Amor (Love Revolution), 2002 — Grammy and Latin Grammy winner
Style: Latin rock anthem
Country: Mexico
Listen: YouTube


Justicia tierra y libertad (x2)
Oye tú mi canto, óyelo, óyelo,
Oye tu mi llanto, óyelo, óyelo

Justice, land and liberty (x2)
Hear you my song, hear it, hear it,
Hear you my cry, hear it, hear it.

Hermanos y hermanas de otras razas
De otro color y un mismo corazón,
Rezas y rezas y nada interesa,
Por eso hagamos la revolución de amor.

Brother and sisters of other races
Of another color and of a same heart,
You pray and you pray and nothing interests,
For that reason, let’s have a revolution of love.

Estamos exigiendo todo el respeto,
Respeto al indio y a su dignidad.
Ya lo dijo Villa, dijo Zapata,
Justicia, tierra y libertad (x2)

We’re demanding all your respect,
Respect for the indian and for his dignity.
Villa said it, Zapata said it,
Justice, land and liberty (x2)

Oye tú mi canto, óyelo, óyelo.
Oye tú mi llanto, óyelo, óyelo.

Hear you my song, hear it, hear it.
Hear you my cry, hear it, hear it.

¿Cómo obtendríamos libertad?
¿Cómo obtendríamos dignidad?
Como desearía yo,
Como desearía el amor

How would we obtain liberty?
How would we obtain dignity?
How I would desire,
How I would desire love.

Cuando tendremos la democracia,
Cuando tendremos la burocracia,
Cuando desearía yo,
Menos demencia y más amor

When will we have democracy?
When will we have bureaucracy?
When may I desire,
Less madness and more love.

Amor, dolor, amor
Oye tú mi canto
Justicia, tierra y libertad. (x3)

Love, pain, love
Hear you my song,
Justice, land and liberty. (x3)

Translation Notes:

This song is the source of the album’s title (which won a 2002 Grammy and a 2003 Latin Grammy).

demencia = literally dementia

“Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad” by Mana

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