“Quiero Para Ti” by Los Panchos, English translation

I Want For You” Lyrics
Style: Romantic bolero
Countries: USA (New York), Mexico, Puerto Rico
Listen: YouTube


Quiero para ti,
De una tarde de abril,
Su magico esplendor.

I want for you,
From an April afternoon,
Its magical splendor.

El canto sutil
Con las notas que da
Un bello ruiseñor.

The subtle singing
With the notes by
A beautiful nightingale.

De la inmensidad del infinito,
El lucero más hermoso.

From the immensity of the boundless eternity,
The most beautiful star.

Quiero para ti de lo que existe,
Lo más bello y más precioso.

I want for you from all that exists,
The most beautiful and most precious.

Quiero para ti,
El verso que en las noches te haga suspirar.
Toda la verdad y tranquilidad que te invite a soñar.

I want for you,
The verse that will make you sigh at night.
All the truth and tranquility that will invite you to dream.

Quiero para ti
La dicha y emoción
Un mundo donde vivas, llena de ilusión,
Porque eres mi razón,
Es todo lo que quiero para ti.


I want for you
The happiness and emotion,
A world where you can live, full of hope,
Because you are my reason,
It’s all that I want for you.

Translation Notes:

Con las notas que da un bello ruiseñor
With the notes by a beautiful nightingale
With the notes that (it) produces, it = a beautiful nightingale [literal]

dar [verb] = to give, to yield; to produce, to provide

Ruiseñor = Nightingale (according to Wikipedia). I used to think it was a mockingbird, because the title of Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, is translated as Matar un Ruiseñor in Spanish. I also don’t know my birds very well in any language, unfortunately. Alas, I am a product of city life.

De la inmensidad del infinito
Of the immensity of the boundless eternity,

infinito [m. noun] = infinity

El infinito” is used to refer to vast open spaces stretching out, seemingly forever, such as all the land between you and the far-away horizon, or the sky (usually the night sky). It has more to do with space than time.

El lucero más hermoso
The most beautiful star

lucero [m. noun] = bright star, brilliance

Related words: luz (light), lucifer (the morning star, the devil). From Latin luc-, lux (light).

Quiero para ti…
La vida(?) y devoción
La dicha y emoción

I want for you…
The life(?) and devotion
The happiness and emotion

I could not hear this line well in the version I used for the 2008 translation at LiveJournal, but I reposted to WordPress on 9/1/2021 and found a different recording where the line is more clear. La dicha means happiness and fortune.

Un mundo donde vivas, llena de ilusión
A world where you can live, full of hope (lit. illusion)

To say that someone is full of ilusión is to say that they’re full of hopes and dreams and aspirations for the future.

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