“Nada Que Perder” by Maná, English translation of lyrics

“Nothing To Lose” Lyrics
Album: Revolucción de Amor (Love Revolution), 2002
Style: Rock, optimistic
Country: Mexico
Listen: YouTube, Amazon


Ya me harté de estar aburrido,
No tengo más tiempo que perder,
Me voy a largar en busca de un sueño,
De nuevo a empezar, un nuevo día vendrá.

I have had it up to here with being bored,
I have no more time to lose,
I am going to leave in search of a dream,
Starting over anew, a new day will come.

Yo no sé que hay en el camino,
Pero lo tengo que cruzar,
Si tropiezo y me caigo en el intento,
Me paro otra vez,
No hay nada que perder.

I do not know what lies on my path,
But I have to cross it,
If I trip and fall in the attempt,
I stand again,
There is nothing to lose.

No hay nada que perder,
Tienen que entender,
Que uno tiene que luchar.

There is nothing to lose,
You have to understand,
That one has to fight.

No hay nada que temer,
En mí tengo que creer,
Y nadie me va a parar.

There is nothing to fear,
In myself I must believe,
And nobody will stop me.

La vida no son rosas,
Y a veces te puedes espinar.
Cuando sienta que tengo
El mundo en mi contra,
Lucharé hasta el final,
Nadie me va a parar.

Life is not roses,
And at times you can prick yourself.
When I feel that I have
The world against me,
I will fight to the end,
Nobody will stop me.

[Chorus: “No hay nada que perder…”]

Yo tengo que vivir,
El tiempo es corto,
Tengo valor y no temor, porque,
Yo creo en algo,
Yo tengo que soñar,
Así nadie me va a parar,
Así puedo volar.

I have to live,
Time is short,
I have valor and not fear, because,
I believe in something,
I have to dream,
That way nobody will stop me,
That way I can fly.

No dudaré,
Yo sé quien yo soy,
Y hacia donde yo voy.

I will not doubt,
I know who I am,
And which way I am headed.

Oh, no dudaré,
Si yo sigo a mi corazón,
Todo es posible.

Oh, I will not doubt,
If I follow my heart,
Everything is possible.

[Chorus: No hay nada que perder…“]

No hay nada que perder,
No hay nada que temer.


There is nothing to lose,
There is nothing to fear,

No hay nada que temer. [Repeated]

There is nothing to fear. [Repeated]

Con valor,
Lucharé por siempre.
Sin temer,
Haré lo imposible.
Lucharé por siempre,
Haré lo imposible.

With valor,
I will fight forever.
Without fear,
I will do the impossible.
I will fight forever,
I will do the impossible.

Translation Notes:

Ya me harté de estar aburrido
I have had it up to here with being bored

hartarse [verb] = to get fed up, to have had enough

Me voy a largar en busca de un sueño
I am going to leave in search of a dream

largarse [verb] = to leave, to take off; to go away and not stay nearby

luchar [verb] = to fight, to struggle

It is usually used to say something about the person that is luchando (fighting) and does not necessarily mean physically fighting.

luchar contra = to fight against
luchar para = to fight for

luchar contra la pobreza = to fight poverty
luchar contra un oso = to fight a bear
luchar contra el mundo = to fight against the world
luchar para ser feliz = to fight to be happy

temer [verb] = to fear, to be apprehensive (about)

From thesame Latin word (timēre) that gave English “timid.”

La vida no son rosas
Life is not roses

You’re not mishearing. Maná is using a singular noun (la vida) and then a plural verb (son) and I don’t see why either. I think it might be for rhythm purposes. I tried looking the phrase up on Google to see if it was a common expression somewhere, but I just found the lyrics for this song.

Cuando sienta que tengo el mundo en mi contra
When I feel that I have the world against me (lit. on my opposite)

Yo sé quien yo soy y hacia donde yo voy
I know who I am and which way I am headed

hacia = toward
donde yo voy = where I go

“Mana” – without the accent so WordPress finds this song lyrics translation

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