“Interrogación” by Julio Jaramillo, English translation

“Question” Lyrics
Style: Pasillo, heartsickness
Country: Ecuador
Listen at YouTube. Julio Jaramillo would rather be stabbed in the gut than lied to about love. He just wants the truth. I love the lyrics. They are clear and concise but so poetic.


Ya no creo en nada.
Hasta dudo de ti.
Siento desconfianza.
Ya no creo ni en mí.

I no longer believe in anything.
I doubt even you.
I feel distrust.
I no longer believe even in me.

Mi mente se ofuzca.
Ya no sé qué decir.
Me enloquecen los celos
Que yo siento por ti.

My mind clouds itself.
I no longer know what to say.
It drives me mad, the jealousy
That I feel for you.

Malditos sean los celos
Que envenenan mi alma.
Maldita sea la duda
Que acabó mi ser.

Damned be the jealousy [*alt. Damn the jealousy]
That poisons my soul.
Damned be the doubt
That ended my being.

La cruel incertidumbre
De tu amor me mata.
Me estoy volviendo loco
Sin saber por qué.

The cruel uncertainty
Of your love kills me.
I am going crazy
Without knowing why.


Yo no sé por qué será (yo no sé)
Que no pierdo la razón (lejos de ti).
Será porque hay en tu amor
Alguna interrogación.

I do not know why it should be (I do not know)
That I do not lose all reason (away from you).
Perhaps because there is in your love,
A question.

Dime, dime la verdad (di por favor).
Desengáñame, mejor (lo quiero así),
Que yo prefiero un puñal
A la duda de tu amor.

Tell me, tell me the truth (say it please).
Disillusion me instead (I want it like that),
Because I prefer a dagger
To the doubt in your love.

[Repeat from coda]

A la duda de tu amor.

To the doubt in your love.

Translation Notes:

los celos [m. noun, plural] = jealousy [singular noun]

Será porque hay en tu amor / alguna interrogación.
Perhaps because there is in your love / a question.

alguna = some, any, one

Desengáñame, mejor, / que yo prefiero un puñal / a la duda de tu amor
Disillusion me instead / because I prefer a dagger / to the doubt in your love.
Better disillusion me / because I prefer a dagger / to the doubt of your love [lit.]

mejor = better; rather

Interrogación -“Interrogacion” for the search engines that don’t ignore accents

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